LPG Gas - A Viable Energy Source

Energy is one resource that humankind cannot survive without. Thousands of years ago, humans discovered fire and used it as a source of energy – giving them the ability to cook food, stay warm at night, and as a source of light. Not much have changed since then. Although gas and electricity have been discovered, we still use these sources of energy for the same reasons fire was used. Other sources of energy have also been discovered or invented but are not common in the residential and commercial sectors.

The Birth of LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, consists of mixtures of hydrocarbon gases that are highly flammable and an effective energy source. Commonly referred to as propane, this gas is usually stored in cylinders or canisters that can be connected to various appliances in and around a household, to be used for cooking, lighting, and heating. EPG Gas is a supplier of LPG cylinders, and can ensure that your household has a steady supply of LPG to keep everything running.

LPG can also be used as a fuel replacement in motor vehicles and many countries use it in vehicles normally running on petroleum. Although LPG first became popular as a viable replacement for leaded petroleum, the modern commercial motor vehicle market has moved towards using unleaded petroleum, as well as electricity in hybrids and electric vehicles. As a result, LPG is used as a viable alternative to using electricity in and around modern households, which is especially effective for when the mains electricity supply falters. Living in South Africa, chances are that you will have at least five major power outages throughout a year, according to local statistics. This is where you can benefit from using LPG appliances in your home.

The Benefits of Using LPG

When it comes to cooking and preparing food, many top chefs recommend using LPG appliances, due to the consistency of this gas, which leads to finer temperature control in the kitchen. Another obvious reason LPG is better for cooking is that you do not have to rely on a source such as electricity that might fail, interrupting the cooking process. It is easy to keep the heat and lighting in your home operating, because the gas cylinders are simply replaced once the gas runs out.

If you are looking for a reliable LPG supplier, EPG Gas is the place for you. Feel free to peruse our website for more information or contact us directly with your enquiries. Take a step in the right direction of responsible and economical energy use today.