The Wonderful LPG Option

Humankind has discovered and developed various sources of energy, and many changes were necessary along the way to reduce the impact on the environment. Leaded petroleum used to power cars, but lead is bad for the environment, so unleaded fuels were developed, and car engines had to be adapted to run on them. As a result, the leaded petroleum engine was eventually discontinued and alternatives were developed.

Besides unleaded fuel, one of the alternatives was liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This technology provides a greener type of energy without the use of any lead. Today, LPG is commonplace and is distributed in various sizes of gas bottles to the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors to meet a myriad of energy requirements. Some of the residential applications are for heaters to provide heat in the home, but it is also commonly used in stoves and ovens for cooking purposes. This leads to LPG bottles having to be refilled or replaced regularly, and this is where EPG Gas can be of assistance.

LPG Cylinders in the Modern Era

At EPG Gas, we offer various sizes of LPG gas bottles that can easily be used at your home. We can replace your empty bottles and keep the gas running in your household. Our wholesale and retail distribution of LPG bottles include 9-, 14-, 19-, and 48-kg cylinders, giving residential and commercial users alike various options to ensure that they can continue to use clean energy in their homes and at their businesses. We also provide design and installation options for consumers considering switching to LPG, making EPG Gas a comprehensive solution to encourage LPG use. Whether you wish to use LPG gas bottles at your home or your local business, EPG Gas can not only provide viable implementation through proper design and installation, but also ensure that you will always have enough LPG to keep your gas supply running reliably.

This clean and very effective form of energy has proven to be very stable and safe, making LPG the ideal option for chefs in commercial kitchens worldwide, with multiple useful applications in the commercial sector as well as meeting residential energy requirements. For more information, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Join the modern revolution in clean energy today. Let LPG be the viable alternative to all your energy options and let EPG Gas provide the regular supply of gas bottles you need on a daily basis.