Running Low on Gas?

Liquified petroleum gas, or LPG for short, has become a popular source of energy in the residential sector, with various heating and cooking equipment implementing LPG, as opposed to regular electricity or other forms of gas power. LPG started out as a fuel replacement to leaded fuel in the early 1990s and has since evolved into one of the most efficient and environmentally conscious energy sources being used domestically. LP gas cylinders obviously run out, meaning that empty cylinders must be replaced with filled ones, which brings us to the gas bottle exchange process.

As a result of the volatile liquids inside such a gas cylinder, the safe gas bottle exchange process has been standardised amongst the various gas brands to ensure the safety of using various gas cylinders from various brands in your home. At EPG Gas, we offer LPG cylinder exchange for our clients, with some prerequisites in place to ensure that your LPG gas bottle exchange process to replace your empty cylinders at home is effortless and safe. To simplify the process, we will look at the brands of cylinders that can be accepted for gas bottle exchange, giving you the information you need before attempting to exchange cylinders with EPG Gas.

Gas Bottle Exchange, Simplified

Whether you wish to exchange a full bottle of LPG for a different brand than the current brand you are using or replace an empty gas cylinder for a full bottle, EPG Gas can accept a range of brands from our clients. There are three major LPG cylinder brands we accept, which are BP, Easigas, and Totalgaz. We also accept a range of smaller brands, consisting of Fedgas, Solgas, Reatile, Indigas, Gas Power, and Hayden Gas.

So, we accept nine different brands of LPG gas cylinders for exchange, whether they are empty or not. Therefore, should you not be satisfied with your current brand of LPG, you can simply replace a full gas cylinder for another brand, and when you run out of gas at home, you can replace your empty bottle with a full one to keep the energy flowing in your kitchen and other parts in your home that rely on LPG.

Should you want more information about the LPG bottle exchange process, feel free to peruse our website for information about accepted gas cylinders, as well as stipulations regarding gas cylinders we do not accept for exchange. Let EPG Gas simplify the gas bottle exchange process for you, making your life at home a little easier with a trusted source of LP cylinders to keep the gas flowing.