We Sell LP Gas

LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, has grown in popularity as a viable source of energy for businesses and homes over the past few decades. Various industries, such as catering, have adapted to using LP gas bottles and cylinders, providing a clean and effective source of heat and energy without ramping up the electricity bill in the process.

Even though the technology might be new to some people who have never used it, LP gas systems are common in various new homes and places of business due to the benefits that can be enjoyed from the get-go. Let us explore those benefits from a residential and commercial point of view and see how LPG can become a part of your home and business for daily use, and how you can restock on LP gas bottles and cylinders with ease through EPG Gas. We offer a complete delivery service for these bottles and cylinders to homes and businesses in the greater Gauteng area, covering parts of the Limpopo and North West provinces as well.

Commercial LP Gas Cylinder Use

As mentioned before, the catering industry has taken a liking to LP gas for the kitchen, with much finer control over the heat being applied to cooking surfaces and equipment providing more consistency for the chef and resulting in better food quality. Other industries are also switching to this form of energy, providing them with sustained clean resources in the form of LP gas bottles and cylinders that can be exchanged for new ones instead of being disposed of after use. In the end, LPG might hold the answer to the future energy needs of various sectors in the commercial and industrial categories.

Residential LP Gas Bottle Use

When it comes to heat, LP gas has quickly become the affordable and clean way of cooking and providing energy for heaters and lighting for many South African households. As a result, empty LP gas cylinders and bottles regularly need to be replaced, and this is where EPG Gas comes in. We can provide deliveries to businesses and homes, taking care of your empty LP gas cylinders and bottles and replacing them with full ones to ensure that you have enough gas to power your heaters and LPG appliances at home.

Should you be interested in our services, feel free to peruse our website for details about our services, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose EPG Gas today for all your LP gas cylinder and bottle needs, as well as various services surrounding liquefied petroleum gas systems for businesses and homes.