Immediate, efficient and dependable energy

LPG is a modern versatile fuel that can be used to in a number of ways in your home and your garden - fulfilling all your energy requirements both indoors and outdoors. And best of all - there are no power cuts with LPG Gas. This is all made possible with a cylinder from EPG Gas.  

EPG Gas is just a phone call away!


EPG Gas is heat that does as it is told providing an infinitely variable clean and powerful flame that is under the chefs control. For this reason the worlds top chefs cook only on gas.

There is a wide range of gas hobs, cookers and ovens available nearly all with self-igniters and flame failure devices for added safety.

LPG Gas is portable so if you feel like a great braai, take your EPG Gas cylinder with you wherever you go.


LPG Gas is powerful for both room and water heating. It provides instant warmth that can be moved throughout the home or office. There is a wide range of portable or fixed indoor and outdoor heaters to suit your business and/or home requirement.


In view of the fact that the worlds top chefs cook only on gas, EPG Gas has a range of solutions for any and every catering requirement.

From restaurants, pubs, 5 star hotels to industrial canteens, hot dog stalls and take-aways, LPG Gas is the highest-ranking, safe, cost-effective energy which is always efficient and obtainable.

The future

Did you know that cars and other vehicles can run on LPG Autogas as an alternative to petrol or diesel?
Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, best of all, much cheaper than petrol or diesel.

Running on LPG reduces your carbon footprint compared with petrol and diesel and is by far the most widely available alternative fuel in Europe.