Aligal  for food and beverage- Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Mixed Gas

Besides LPG, EPG Gas also distributes a range of food-grade mixed carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases for the dispensing of beers and fizzy drinks..

Aligal  for food and beverageCO2/N2 mixtures

Mixed gases are widely used because they:
Give beer a creamier, longer-lasting head, therefore improving the appearance and desirability of the of the   product
Allow faster dispensing to ensure customers are served promptly and efficiently every time
Avoid the need for complex electric pumps
Extend the life of slower-moving draught beers

Aligal  for food and beverage range

Aligal 30:  30% carbon dioxide / 70% nitrogen mixture used for dispensing a range of stouts and ales
Aligal 50:  50% carbon dioxide / 50% nitrogen mixture for dispensing ales and lagers
Aligal 60:  60% carbon dioxide / 40% nitrogen mixture used for dispensing highly carbonated lagers, ciders and fizzy drinks

Oils and lubricants
EPG Gas stocks the full range of vehicle oils, coolants and lubricants manufactured by Sasol. These include multigrade engine oils, monograde engine oils, gearbox oils, two-stroke engine oil, differential oil, hydrolic fluid, brake fluid and automatic transmission fluid.