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Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is a commonly used fuel for forklifts. It is a safe and clean fuel when handled properly.

Benefits of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) over diesel emissions

Financials aside, Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is a much cleaner-burning fuel than diesel, which means your engines will generally last longer. It also won’t leave residual soot on the materials your forklifts handle, which is a plus for businesses moving products such as food, pharmaceuticals and textiles. LPG also produces fewer PM10 particles (which have been linked to respiratory problems), as well as emitting less CO2 – which is good news for your workforce, and for meeting legally binding carbon reduction criteria. Refuelling Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas)-powered forklifts is quick and hassle-free.

Power & flexibility

Finally, Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas)-powered forklifts stand head and shoulders above diesel counterparts in terms of power and flexibility.This is because they typically have a better power-to-weight ratio and more responsive engines, meaning they can adapt to tackle a variety of difficult tasks. What’s more, unlike diesel forklifts, which can’t be used inside for prolonged periods, Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas)-powered forklifts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs. Importantly, this means your staff only needs to be trained to operate one type of forklift, not two, and of course you can consolidate your fleet, reducing maintenance costs. So, with the shift away from diesel set to continue, the case for Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is clear; it can save you money, cut your emissions, improve your efficiency, and on top of all that, deliver power and flexibility that is superior to diesel forklifts.

The Central Energy Fund of South Africa regulates the pricing of LP-Gas. Pricing fluctuates monthly, it either goes up or down as per this Government Department on the first Tuesday of each month.

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