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LP Gas Installations

LPG Installers

EPG Gas has highly trained expert LP Gas specialist installers that will be able to supply and install all your LP Gas equipment at the best pricing possible. We do installations in the greater Tshwane area. Whether you are looking at installing stoves, fireplaces, heaters, braais and/or water heaters (geysers) our highly qualified and certified staff will be able to help you.

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According to the regulations that were introduced in 2009, all gas installations must have a Certificate of Compliance according to the Pressure Equipment Regulations that have been established under the Occupation Health and Safety Act (No 85 of 1993).

According to the regulation, any home-owner who has liquefied gas installed in their home must have this certificate. Which is usually obtained during the installation.

The certificate of compliance is very important and must be provided by a certified gas installer.

A copy of the document has to be produced to your insurance company.

LPG may not be installed

  • Less than 1 metre sideways from doors and windows.
  • Less than 2 metres from drains and air vents.
  • Less than 3 metres below windows (unless a non-combustible roof is installed)but the cylinder valves must still be 1,5m from the window.
  • Less than 1 metre from the property boundary wall (unless it is a fire wall).
  • Less than 5 metres sideways away from a switchable electric point or plug switch;that includes distribution boxes of generators.
  • Light bulbs cannot be less than 1.5 metres above a gas bottle. Bottles cannot be placed within 3m or directly under a solid concrete / cement structure.
  • A cage is not required to enclose the bottles if the bottles are in a locked area with no public access.
  • Any cage / structure is required to have a minimum of 80% open ventilation (expanded metal etc.).
  • A Bottle may be placed inside a dwelling (max 9kg Cylinder), provided there is enough ventilation, no switches or plugs or electrical points are situated in the same cupboard as the bottle and the correct pipe.
  • The Central Energy Fund of South Africa regulates the pricing of LP-Gas. Pricing fluctuates monthly, it either goes up or down as per this Government Department on the first Tuesday of each month.

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